Top College Hacks Students should Learn

In college, one needs to have some life hacks that can help one enjoy your study in school. Without these hacks, a student may find school to be tedious and get tired of school in no time. Below are some of the general tips and hacks that can save your life in college.

Take hand notes in classes

I know this may sound ridiculous but it works. Many studies have shown that students are likely to remember what they are taught in school if they take notes as they are being taught. Only a few students whom many teachers classify as geniuses may be able to remember most of the things taught in class without having to jot them in a notebook. By writing using your hand, part of your brain will process what you are writing and it is likely to stick it also makes it easier to remember if you were to revise for an exam.

Prioritize your night’s sleep

I know you may be thinking whether this is a joke or not. The fact of the matter is most students have bad sleeping habits. Lack of enough sleep sometimes causes exhaustion and with exhaustion, it is unlikely you will be able to get anything taught in class. Students are always recommended to take at least 8 hours of sleep every day to maximize their memory health and their ability to learn.

Plan and avoid Procrastination

When students procrastinate, the result will always be a failure. The moment you start thinking about your giant to do things in your studies will preempt a notion of difficulty and that alone is a recipe for disaster. One of the ways one can mitigate some of these problems is by planning. 

First on your list should be things that require a lower-priority deadline. In essence, subjects that have short deadlines should be the first of your first things to do and the ones with much more time to be done later. Following this procedure, one can reduce the amount of stress and pressure that come with excess thinking.

Sit in front of every class

Sitting at the front may sound weird but you will be surprised at just how helpful it can be. Sitting at the front helps you reduce the distractions that come about with sitting at the back like a snooze. However, sitting at the front as many tutors will most of the time develop a bias towards students who sit at the front hence finding yourself getting slightly higher grades than expected

Quiz yourself often

This is a sure way of finding out whether you understood the topic being tested or not. From the practice tests, a student can evaluate themselves and find out where they stand at the same time focus more on learning the right things the moment they find themselves getting the quizzes wrong since the stakes are much lower.

Spend more time with your tutors

Spending time with your tutors beyond your classroom is one of the college hacks that students ignore most of the time yet it allows them to ask their tutor queries that they did not get in class. Anytime you visit your teacher outside class will always give your teacher the impression of your readiness to learn and that can give you higher grades.

Space your studying time

Spacing your studying time helps you prevent cramming. Though cramming may work for other students, sometimes it makes you miss the points a tutor may need to be driven. Secondly, cramming only works for a short period as students may not be in a position to cram the whole syllabus to sit for a test.







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