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Do My Math Calculus Homework Online

Calculus Course Subject

Calculus is a broad mathematic subject that deals with finding properties of derivatives and integral functions using methods that were previously as a result of infinitesimal difference. Before tackling topics that are covered in calculus, students must first be equipped with precalculus.

Precalculus Online Assignment Guide Online

Precalculus is a math course that deals with trigonometry and algebra at the onset so as to prepare students for calculus study. In Precalculus, students are tutored advanced mathematical theories, function, mathematical concepts and methods that may have been left out in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, exponential functions, logarithmic and others. For one to take a calculus course, one should have a very strong understanding of all algebraic skills like rules involved in radicals and exponents, basic equation solving and factoring.

Precalculus can be broad depending on student’s curriculum and tutor. Some tutor may divide the precalculus into two (2), covering trigonometry on one side and math analysis on the other. In trigonometry, one can cover grouping Sin, Cos, Tan, Sec Cot, u=Unit circles and reference angles, inverse trigonometry functions, solving trigonometry equations, vectors complex numbers and much more.

Do My Math Calculus Homework Online

Depending with your tutor and the course outline, there are various topics that one may need to cover. Some include; Derivatives: definition and basic rules, Limits and continuity, Differential equations, Applications of derivatives, Analyzing functions, Derivatives: definition and basic rules, application of integrals and Integrals

DERIVATIVES: Definition and Basic rules

- These are the simple rules that show us slope of a given function at any point. Some of the most common functions include; Constant (c), Line (x), Square (x2), Square Root (√x), Logarithm In(x) or loga(x), Exponential (ex) or (ax), Trigonometry Sin (x), Cos (x), and Tan (x), Inverse Trigonometry Sin-1 (x), Cos-1 (x), and Tan-1(x).


In application of derivatives, a student should understand optimization, linear approximations, mean value theorem and related rates. In optimization, problems revolve around finding the minimum and maximum value of functions and many of the problems can be solved using appropriate function. Related rates refers to two variable problems that change with time. Taking an example x and y, x would therefore x˙=dx/dt and y would be y˙=dy/dt at that instant.


In any calculus paper, limit is one of the most important things one should be versed with. In simple terms, a limit is basically a functions that nears an independent variable of a given variable. An example would be

Continuity is another crucial factor in Calculus. Functions in calculus are either continuous or discontinuous. If you can trace the function of the graph using a pen, then that would mean that tit is continuous and the reverse would mean it is not. An example would look like



Integrals normally cover total value or size in terms of volumes, lengths and areas in addition to learning about theory an application. Integrals also deals with derivation of formulas concerned with finding antiderivatives. An example would be


Differential equations are equations containing derivatives for solving functions normally shortened as DE. Derivatives can be explained as change of quantity in respect to other quantity and commonly phrased as dy/dx.

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