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Refund Policy and Guaranteed Money Back

Refund policy

Our company believes in honesty and transparency as it has been the cornerstone since the first time we began the online writing industry. However, below is how you can receive your money back.

Where 100% cash refund is issued

Depending on the gravity of the matter, refunds can be issued fully or partially. There are 3 scenarios where refunds are issued 100%. They include:

  • When the ordered paper has plagiarism that is more than 15% and the client has provided proof, then we will provide a 100% refund back to the customer. However, this is not something that we anticipate can happen since e only provide customized work that is later checked for plagiarism using our plagiarism checkers.
  • When our team of tutors are unable or have failed to perform research on the task assigned to them. Though we have never faced such a situation as our professionals can handle anything thrown at them, we endeavor to give full refunds to them and offer a 15% discount on orders that the client places next.
  • Also in instances where the customer asks for a refund before the elapse of 1 hour from the time they placed the order, will be entitled to a full refund of their funds.
  • Lastly, if a customer fails, the customer is entitled to a full refund though this is something our company has never experienced before
  • Where partial cash refund is issued

    However, there are instances where partial refunds are given depending on the gravity of the refund ask for.Since each customer is special to us and our prices are backed by a money-back guarantee, homeworkhelpglobe stops at nothing to ensure that you succeed as your success story will also be our success story. They include:

  • If an order is canceled by the client as a client's fault, and the order had been assigned to another tutor, the refund will be calculated depending on what has been covered by the tutor.
  • We give our clients guarantees to score at least 80% and above in their tasks. However, if the client scores between 70% - 79%, then the client will qualify for a 10% refund. For clients who score between 60% - 69%, then the client would qualify to get a 50% refund
  • Anything below 59% is treated as a failure by the company and a full refund is consequently issued without any further due. This is however unlikely since we have never submitted a paper that attracted such marks.

    Process of issuing a refund

    Once the refund process is initiated, it should only take a maximum of seven days if the issue is resolved within the company mechanisms. It is the quickest way for one to access their funds fast. We highly discourage the use of chargeback for payments since we have no control over how it turns out and one can take longer than necessary to get their money back.

    When you have a dispute, just raise the issue with support. Support will notify the dispute departments who will intern look at the dispute and the client will have a chance to engage them directly. After resolving the dispute, if it is a case where the client gets a full refund then the money will be reversed to the client’s account.

    Important to note is the fact that from the time the dispute is raised, it takes a maximum of 7 days for the case to be determined and rendered closed.

    NB for a successful refund

    For us to issue a successful refund one has to provide proof that is verifiable and the score should be within 21 days from the date the client received the paper from us.

    For the refunds that we give 100% and the amount credited to the client, our experts have the liberty to use the work as they deem fit including and not limited to using the work for tutoring, or posting them for sale on any auction websites.

    Terms and Conditions

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    homeworkhelpglobe brings you the best in custom paper writing!

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