Our Refund Policy Procedures

The refund policy is a very simple process where by a client can ask the refund of his/ her money back if he or she feels that their paper was not handled according to instructions provided by the client. In this process, the client needs to raise the issue with our support who will in turn contact the dispute department to ensure they follow up with the claim or dispute.
The dispute resolution takes 48 hours to be resolved and if our team is found not to have covered the instructions given by the client, the client will immediately receive their refund back without any further delay. So, if a client launches a dispute, the support will notify the client that the matter has been forwarded to the dispute department and issue the client with the specific timeline when the dispute will be resolved and it will normally not exceed 48 hours.
If a refund is issued, we expect that the client does not use the disputed paper as it will be treated as property of
We normally give 2 weeks from the date of delivery of the orders to clients so that that they can have ample time studying their paper. Thereafter, if there are no additions or corrections, we consider the order closed. However, for dissertations, we normally give up to a month from the first delivery but not limited to any corrections that the client may deem necessary.
Since we are committed to delivering quality papers, in case one gets between 70% and 75% we automatically refund 10% of what you ordered. Between 60% and 69%, we refund 20% of their money and anything that is less than 60%, we issue a full refund no questions asked. However, for these refunds to apply, one ought to have proof of their results and without them the refunds will not apply.

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