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Do My SPSS Statistics Homework Online

Define SPSS for my Assignment

SPSS is a software tool for analyzing all sorts of data launched in 1968 and later acquired by IBM in 2009. SPSS stands for statistical package for social sciences. Data may come from various sources like a customer database, log files of a website or scientific research. SPSS supports different file extensions for example Excel, SQL (relation) databases, plain text .csv or .txt, SAS and Stata.

Simple Procedure undertaken in SPSS program. An online guide to Statistics Assignments

SPSS normally follow a very simple process. The first step is loading data in SPSS software that will display the data values often referred to as data view. Thereafter, the second sheet file that is commonly referred as the variable view will appear that shows the metadata associated with the data filled.

The next step is data analysis. In this section, SPSS can display data and their metadata giving you options for the user to select an option that best suits their question. The question may need a report analysis, compare means, table creation, performing descriptive statistics or coming up with general linear models.

window will appear displaying the output of the variable that you chose. One outstanding advantage about SPSS output reporting is ability for users to copy tables and charts with ease due to the rich text format and paste them in other platforms because they have the ability to retain their borders and fonts on word processors like OpenOffice, MS Word and GoogleDocs.

In addition, SPSS also has SPSS syntax editor window that runs like command prompt for SPSS and sometimes referred to as the notepad for SPSS. In this window, the user will come up with the commands that are needed to come up with an output and paste them on the SPSS syntax editor window. The output will be the same as using the SPSS menu for the same command. Typing these commands may be tiring and time consuming hence it is much easier using the menus in the SPSS.


One maybe interested to know what SPSS covers majorly or SPSS main features. One of the main features of SPSS is Opening Data files that can be inform of SPSS or other formats like excel, Stat, SAS and plain text files.

Editing Data in SPSS

Editing data is the next feature in SPSS as raw data will always be edited before they are analyzed to remove unrealistic or unlikely observations. This task and other complex tasks are handled with ease and efficiently using date, string and numeric functions.

Table and Chart creation in SPSS program

Creation of tables and charts is another feature in SPSS. These tables and charts feature summary statistics of variables, cases and frequency counts and are also created with ease using SPSS.

An example of a chart would look like


An example of a table output would look like


Inferential Statistics in SPSS

SPSS also runs inferential statistics that cover regression, ANOVA, t-test, chi-square tests, cluster analysis, nonparametric tests, factor analysis, correlations and other association measures.

An example of regression analysis summary would look like


Saving Data and Output in SPSS Software

The last SPSS feature is saving data and output in various file formats some of which include; plain text (.csv or .txt), Stata, MS excel and SAS.

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