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Terms and Conditions

Homeworkhelpglobe is a website that connects College students or other students to different freelance tutors who help in tutoring where they have difficulties. Our terms and regulations stipulate the ground rules set by this website that are to be followed anytime you engage with us. Since it is our responsibility to deliver an originally customized research paper that is suited to your academic level and field, that you can use the best way you find fit.

Acronym Words Used

  • “Us”, “we”, “company”, or “website” should be interpreted to mean
  • “Paper” or “order” should be interpreted to mean unique customer research or question that needs to be answered.
  • “Client” or “customer” should be interpreted as the person ordering a paper
  • “Page” should be interpreted as 275-word paper unless the paper contains calculations“Page” should be interpreted as 275-word paper unless the paper contains calculations
  • “Parties” should be interpreted to mean us and the customer or client
  • Key Insight of the Terms

    You should not use the service if you do not agree with the terms laid out in the service

    Orders that are not approved by the customer will automatically be approved on the seventh day and tutors paid

    Sharing of personal information between our tutors and the clients is strictly forbidden. If found an automatic fine of up to $1,000 will be administered. In addition, we can impose a suspension or total ban on the culprit’s account.

    Orders that have surpassed the approval dates do not qualify for any kind of refund.

    Subsequently, payment for order upgrades is also not refundable.

    All disputes should be resolved on our website

    General Terms

    Below are some of the terms and conditions that guide and its customers. By subscribing to our website we assume that you agree with the terms and conditions laid out.

    Account Sign up

    One can only sign up with us if you have attained 16 years of age as we classify such groups as kids and we do not collect any information or data about them. However, those above 16 years can freely sign up with us and get the services that they need from us.

    To register with us, one will need to sign up for an account with us and set up a password that they can remember and use as credential details to access services from our website. One can sign up as a tutor or as a client depending on your need. However, those who sign up as tutors, will verify their credentials, and get tested or vetted and those who are lucky to pass the exam will undergo training to certain that they conform to our set standards.

    Paper Usage Policy

    All the papers that we provide are supposed to be used for research, reference, or personal use only with all applicable laws. If the client does not learn from the paper they ordered, we take no responsibility on their part. However, we do allow clients to publish or submit papers under their name since any Content accessed through our website is licensed through your purchase of the Services personally to you to have all the rights to the paper you ordered.

    Papers “successfully” submitted to the client are NOT in any way published, resold, or submitted by our company as we treat the paper as the client’s property.

    The company reserves the right to use any allowable materials to conduct its research or be used as references unless the client expressly indicates otherwise. The materials may be information from newspapers, online publications, journals, interviews, lecture notes, government publications, podcasts, press releases, books, websites, or archive material.

    Paper Order Policy

    Clients are requested to avail all the materials needed to complete their papers in time. We do not take the blame for the lateness of a paper that is a result of delayed required paper materials.

    For orders that are more than 8 pages and maybe need to be completed within 48 hours, we may fail to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

    By ordering our service, we presume that you have gone through our terms, and if the terms are not followed or compromised, we reserve the right to terminate our cooperation with the client or tutor at our discretion without warning

    The agreement between our company and the client will be finished the moment the client makes payment and the same is reflected in the company’s account

    Refund policy

    Read the terms of a refund policy from here

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    homeworkhelpglobe brings you the best in custom paper writing!

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